A Sure Fire Way To Help The EU & Ensure ‘NO’ Loses The Referendum

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the threat that Nigel Farage will in some way front the NO Campaign in the EU IN/OUT Referendum must bring hope to the hearts of the EUroPhiles.

Nigel Farage and his small clique controlling his Ukip cult lack the leadership skills, the financial probity, the ethics, the integrity and the political nouse to lead the NO Campaign with any hope of winning.

In 23 years with Nigel at the helm or acting as the defacto leader Ukip have failed to get their message across to the public and it was only their expedient switch of strategy, in as far as they understand strtategy, to the overt but veiled anti Islamic and racist immigration policy that fortuitously picked up the votes of the collapsed BNP and their fellow travellers.

To claim that Nigel Farage had an excellent General Election with approaching 4 Million votes is spin on a level that would make a Dervish dizzy!

The aim of a GE is to get MPs elected to Westminster and at that Nigel Farage’s cult were spectacular failure losing one of the two seats they held and even that was with a much reduced majority.

Meanwhile by dint of cunning leadership and resolute management with far less votes The SNP did have a stunning victory gaining over 50 seats to Farage’s one!

Be assured were Nigel Farage and his cult to be front runners in the NO Campaign the same outcome would be a certainty as they chased the wrong goals and continued in their clearly divisive manner – the manner that failed to win them seats at the GE.

It is also worth noting that although Nigel Farage’s party has claimed to espouse Leaving_The_EU for over 23 years they have NEVER come up with even the most rudimentary ethical, workable eXit and survival strategy and their tactics have been consistently muddled and divisive.

If Nigel Farage realy wishes Britain to Leave_The_EU his greatest contribution would be to stay out of the limelight and use the vaste amount of money he has made himself and the huge income he controls through the EU, by way of allowances, grants and expenses, both accountable and unaccountable to set up a responsible think tank and research team to supply men of stature and probity with the back up they need to overturn the FUD (Fear Uncertainty & Doubt) which will be David Cameron’s main weapon to aid the EU, now that it is clear beyond all reasonable doubt that he will achieve absolutely nothing of value to Britain or our peoples by way of change, let alone substantive treaty change in his faux EU negotiations.

Please Nigel leave your ego out of this and do something worthwhile for OUR Country – it is not a vituperative showman nor an Arthur Dalley image that is needed to front the NO Campaign it is a man or woman of undeniable substance, absolute probity and from outside of the Westminster Bubble- a man with a track record of success and gravitas, someone who has shown they have vision a command of strategy, an understanding of tactics and clear leadership skills – we have a population of 64,000,000 + an unknown number of illegal imigrants, surely amongst them is the right man if there is any truth in the maxim come the hour cometh the man.

Sadly so far that man or woman is conspicuous by their absence!

I knew this article below would find its hour ;-))


Farage: I am leading the EU exit campaign

He has promised a tour of the country to get the public fired up about a British exit from the EU because other MPs aren’t doing enough.


 Nigel Farage defied critics this morning to vow he will lead the charge for the No campaign because other politicians won’t step up.

His comments are a direct challenge to senior Tories, who claim the controversial Ukip boss is too “toxic” to take a high profile role in the campaign.

The tanned Ukip leader promised a tour of the country to get northern towns and the Midlands fired up about a British exit from the EU because other MPs aren’t doing enough.

Farage (pictured today) said he will lead the No campaign in the EU referendum
Farage (pictured today) said he will lead the No campaign in the EU referendum

He told SunNation: “Not everybody likes me but I accept that – people have opinions in life and it’s not going to suit everybody.

“But I will say this to you – in the complete absence, it would appear, of an organised, sizable, Labour campaign to encourage the no vote, who is going to go around the Midlands and the North, who is going to go around those Labour areas, who is going to motivate non-voters to take part in this referendum?

“Perhaps at the moment, of those who look like being involved in the no campaign, I am as well placed to do that as anybody.”

His comments will anger some anti-EU Tory MPs who think Mr Farage is so “toxic” that he will put people off voting no if he gets involved in the campaign.

Farage change his message from his interview with LBC radio earlier
Farage changed his message from his interview with LBC radio earlier (PA)

The Ukip leader appeared to contradict his earlier comments on LBC radio, where he said a celebrity figure should lead the No vote campaign – or someone without “political baggage”.

In a swift change of heart the pub-loving eurosceptic later said: “Whatever happens we will play an absolutely vital part in the no campaign.

“If it wasn’t for Ukip there wouldn’t be a referendum anyway.

“We are the only eurosceptic organisation that has got a structure on the ground in all four corners of the United Kingdom – we have a membership approaching 50,000 people, we’re here because we want to have this battle, we’re here because we want to win this battle.”

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