Seems Likely The Government & The EU Will Collude To Dupe The British Electorate

Posted by: Greg Lance-Watkins – Greg_L-W.


the Government having suffered defeat in the House of Commons on the issue of ‘Purdah’ inflicted by 37 ethical Tory MPs including 5 ex-Minsiters voting against the Whips. It would seem tax payers’ money will be available until the date is confirmed, and for a minimum of a further three months,Seems Likely The Government & The EU Will Collude To Dupe The British ElectorateSeems Likely The Government & The EU Will Collude To Dupe The British Electorate to actively fund pro EU membership propaganda and there will be no effective way to prevent huge amounts of tax funded EU cash pouring into the pro EU propaganda and people + bribes to the media via the EU.

Nor is it likely that there will be any effective sanction to gag Ministers, Civil Servants, local Government, State funded media, Unions, EU controlled businesses and MPs who are determined to ignore the ‘purdah’ of the last 30 days!

The EU’s largest unelected bureaucracy in the world can, I am sure, be expected to actively campaign through their minions in what was the British Civil Service, those they directly and indirectly fund in the House of Lords and other politicians and their effective branch offices and personnelle in educational establishments, libraries, local government and the like.

There is very little likelihood that there will be any pretence that this referndum will be an exemplar of ‘Justice’ being seen to be done.


Here is the list of honourable Conservative MPs who rebelled last night over ‘purdah’ in the EU referendum. There were 37 in all – an increase of ten since the previous purdah rebellion in June.

The increase includes two of the new intake on the list – Craig MacKinlay (South Thanet) and Tom Pursglove (Corby).

Adam Afriyie
Richard Bacon
Steve Baker
Guto Bebb
Peter Bone
Graham Brady
Andrew Bridgen
Bill Cash
Christopher Chope
Geoffrey Cox
Philip Davies
David Davis
Nadine Dories
Liam Fox
Cheryl Gillan
James Gray
Philip Hollobone
Adam Holloway
Gerald Howarth
Stewart Jackson
Bernard Jenkin
David Jones
Edward Leigh
Julian Lewis
Tim Loughton
Karl McCartney
Craig MacKinlay
Stephen McPartland
Anne Main
David Nuttall
Owen Paterson
Andrew Percy
Tom Pursglove
John Redwood
Laurence Robertson
Andrew Rosindell
Andrew Turner

I was personally disapointed not to see Chris Heaton-Harris, David T.C. Davies, Charlotte Leslie and Mark Harper on this list supporting British Democracy and also note only two women featured.


Posted by: Greg Lance-Watkins

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With an avg. 1.2M voters per MEP & Britain having only 8%, if united, say. The EUropean Parliament has no ability to make policy and has a Commission of unelected bureaucrats, thus clearly the EU is not even a pretence of being a democracy; yet it is willing to slaughter people in Sovereign States to impose democracy on them!
The imposition of a Government and policies upon its vassal regions such as the peoples of Greece shows just how far from being a democracy the EU is.There will be little or no change in Britain’s economic position, when we leave the EU and by then being a part of the Eropean Economic Area all will benefit, as we secure trade relations with the EU vassal regions and can trade and negotiate independently on a global stage.
One huge benefit will be that we can negotiate with bodies like the WTO, UN, WHO, IMF, CODEX and the like, directly in our own interest and that of our partners around the world in both the Commonwealth and the Anglosphere at large; rather than having negotiations and term imposed by unelected EU bureacrats.
The greatest change and benefit will be political, as we improve our democracy and self determination, with the ability to deselect and elect our own Government, which with an improved Westminster structure, see >Harrogate Agenda<.
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