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here is a well informed Guest Posting
By: Gerald Warner

Gerald Warner posts into an area not often covered by the Mainstream Stream Media (MSM), here he touches on a belief that I have had for many years and that is that the more Government. the legislature, the judiciary and the wealthy desperately seek to hang onto and manipulate power for their own ends the more they alienate the electorate be that the informed and law abiding so called middle class or, as defined as the self proclaimed elite, the lower orders.

This is a dangerous situation to court as increasingly the mass of people feel disenfranchised with an increasingly radical media seeking to hang onto their status WITH this increasingly radical self proclaimed elite enshrining themselves and enobling their ranks within a bubble, largely and myopically in what is known as the Westminster Bubble, which of course has outreaches amongst the increasingly isolated and vulnerable JLU (Just Like Us) cornurbation dwellers!

This is a very dangerous and unstable position for any society, a situation which for the time being is seemingly controlled – but the failure of its policies can be seen in the burgeoning percentage of the population they have to control by commanding a compliant police force, itself steadily losing the respect, confidence and co-operation of the growing mass of people disenfranchised and all too often cheated by the system.

To have the bubble dwellers endlessly praising low interest rates, is to strip the rapidly growing older and retired population, who worked hard and were the backbone of society of their income from savings, ensuring they join with the increasingly disenfranchised millions!

I appreciate that the Government has, largely due to the 1908 pensions act, the 13 unlucky years of profligate and irresponsible asset stripping quasi Socialist rule under Blair & Brown, with their PPF sell off and stripping of the NHS and buying of votes, with unsustainable benefits policies; policies that had to be funded by throwing open our borders, to attract youthfull immigrant labour, with a total disregard for the fact that in time they would get older and put even more strain on our public services.

This has lead to idiotic policies’ such as quantitive easing (a EUphemism for devaluation, particularly of the savings and investments of the increasingly alienated masses!). The cover-up of the government sanctioned unbridled greed and gambling of the banking sector; a sector on which the Bubble Dwellers, with their hedge fund scams and unprincipled bonuses and over blown incomes, were increasingly dependent & had to steal money from the allienated masses to fund.

We are I believe, with our ballooning prison population and disenfranchised and empoverished masses, dangerously on the edge of major civil unrest – a civil unrest which once started will become increasingly impossible to control is this why a few years ago the so called Socialist Government purchased around 30,000 Heckler & Koch machine firearms and just under 20,000 Smith & Weston pump action shotguns for the police, were they aware of the dangers of the policy of those inside the bubble, the self styled elite and the growing discontent of the masses they were forced to kontrol.

Be assured, it is not just Britain where this is happening, the rise of the red necks and blue collar workers in America and the election of Trump as POTUSe, the rise in the buffer zone of ‘Slebs; be they fahionable pundits like Farage, Le Pen & the like or the swathes of people being famous for being famous and those in entertainment, be that sport or fashion all being tollerated and even encouraged by those in the bubble as a buffer zone for the self styled elite.

Of course when the masses try to cry out ‘The Emperor Has No Clothes’, it will be the buffer zone Slebs who will be thrown to the crowds for destruction as a sop for the self styled bubble dwellers to try to regain control!

There will be a brief phoney peace whilst the inept self styled elite in their bubble desperately borrow ever more & devalue at an ever increasing speed, to try to buy their way out of the chaos they have created with ever more profligate benefits and ever less sustainable wages – it will not work in the long term because, as ever with any bubble, it will burst … Then what!

I do not for a second presume to put words in the mouth of Gerald Warner but it looks clear to me that he shares some of the fears for the future which I foresee!

I would contend that one means by which the bubble fantasists can regain control of the mess they have created is to enact BreXit as rapidly and radically as possible, regaining control of as many of the levers of power as possible and rapidly decentralising the control of those levers as close as possible to the people, hastily kill of their vanity projects like HS2, work to restore the NHS as a National HEALTH Service not as a National Lifestyle Service as it has become as a result of Aneurin Bevan’s catastrophic Socialist (neo Communist, remember his wife!) tampering with The Beveridge Report & dismantle the bubble by increasingly bringing the masses into the position of control to which they are entitled.

Inchoate as these points are, as an associate pointed out, I have not dealt with the trail either far enough back or widely enough – leaving out the likes of Goldsmith and the establishment of Referendums as a part of British and EU Governance. I leave it to another occasion, and to others, to add to the background that is BreXit and to whom we owe thanks for this move towards liberty, too late and too poorly handled by the bubble dwellers so far! Though it is our only hope of salvation and salvation of the peoples of EUrope if they follow suit!

A step in the right direction would be to rapidly work towards implementation of The Harrogate Agenda once we have implimented BreXit via a clear understanding of FleXcit & The BreXit Monographs – the situation is not unrecoverable, but I fear the incompetence and greed of the self style elite in their bubble may make it so – at that stage little will be available to save us!

Consider Gerald Warner’s thoughts:

It was the establishment on trial, and the verdict is guilty

The British public is now as alienated from the judiciary as from the legislature

BY Gerald Warner  /  9 December 2016

It was the courts and Parliament that were on trial this week, at the bar of public opinion, not some recondite issues relating to that fabled beast, the British Constitution. The watching public has returned a guilty verdict.

What, in essence, happened? A rich woman used her private wealth to mobilize three High Court judges to intrude themselves upon an international treaty negotiation being conducted by Her Majesty’s Government under the customary Royal Prerogative, mandated by 17.4 million British electors. It seemed fitting to the opponents of Brexit that four individuals should enjoy the right to frustrate the clearly expressed wishes of those 17.4 million voters.

Then the Government appealed, bringing 11 Supreme Court judges into play. This enlarged the number of Brexit decision makers to a total of 15 individuals, dangerously close to mob rule in the establishment mindset, but still preferable to dictation by 17.4 million stupid plebs.

Meanwhile, the moat cleansers and duck-house proprietors at Westminster staged a vote on invoking Article 50 – the right supposedly denied to them that the Remain-supporting litigants were fighting to secure for MPs. Our legislators will know early in 2017 whether the Supreme Court will award them the right to hold the vote they actually held on Wednesday.


It was disingenuous of the Remain litigants to pretend to come to the rescue of a gagged House of Commons. That House can bring down any government at any time by means of a vote of No Confidence. It can vote on anything if a majority of members wish to do so. In an attempt to put some flesh on the skeletal case, there were suggestions the Court might insist Parliament pass legislation.

So, have we got this right? The courts are now arrogating to themselves the right to order Parliament to pass legislation of the judiciary’s choosing? That, in any case, is the last thing MPs want to do. Although a majority of them are as pro-EU and anti-British as Tony Blair, they fear the triple terrors of deselection, constituents’ revenge at the ballot box and the rough justice of the lamppost if they overtly resist Brexit.

The dogs in the street know the High Court should have recused itself collectively from this vexatious litigation and declared treaty negotiation under royal prerogative – and Brexit is all about treaties, from Rome to Lisbon – non-justiciable within its jurisdiction. Instead, activist judges chose to build their part, as they have consistently done in recent decades. As a consequence, the last diminishing shreds of respect for the judiciary have been dissipated. A mass circulation daily newspaper featured the photographs of the three judges on its front page with the headline: “Enemies of the People”.

Cue orchestrated indignation by the establishment. The elites have a knee-jerk response to any impertinent criticism of the institutions that protect their ascendancy. It is a disciplinary system honed in public schools, at high table and in the gothick grotesquerie of the Palace of Westminster. Assume a severe expression that effectively combines superior knowledge (one is an expert, defending experts), disdain for the ignorance of one’s interlocutor and a clear message that the heretical critic’s career prospects are becoming more dismal by the minute, then deliver the formal reprimand.

This is uttered in the relevant formula dictated by the object of the blasphemy. “These judges are the finest legal brains in the land…” “So you choose to ignore the established consensus of 160 per cent of scientists regarding anthropogenic global warming…” “Britain will descend to Third World status within five years unless it joins the single currency…” These solemn-faced buffoons are still indulging in this pantomime of pseudo-authority and increasingly, fearfully, wondering why it is being laughed to scorn by the public.

That public for too long accorded an undeserved deference to politicians, judges and commentators who brought this country to its knees under the pressure of mass immigration, fiscal incompetence, judicial indulgence of criminality (though not of Christian bakers) and globalist anti-patriotism. It does so no more. The public knows we are governed by pompous idiots and, more significantly, that they are idiots inimical to Britain’s interests and to the despised mass of the population. It is no longer prepared to tolerate the dictatorship of this confederacy of dunces.

The British Constitution is an oxymoron. Its being unwritten is an advantage if it is executed by men of goodwill who respect its spirit. In the hands of scoundrels it is an instrument of tyranny. In 1689, for example, such scoundrels declared that James II had “deserted the throne”, at a time when he still ruled Ireland with the exception of two towns and was actively raising an army to fight for the throne he had allegedly deserted. Expect similar creative mendacity throughout the struggle by the political class to re-impose its control over the insurgent electorate by reversing or diluting the EU referendum result.

Respect! Respect! That is the establishment demand on behalf of the “finest legal brains” of the Supreme Court. After all, that venerable court has been the pivot of justice throughout Britain’s seven-year history (“Hey, look – I mean – this is a young country,” as the Supreme Court’s first begetter told us). One of those fine brains spared an armed robber prison, instructing him instead to send flowers to his victims by way of apology.

The public no longer finds the other-worldly delusory mentality of Britain’s Gilbert and Sullivan institutions endearing. Behind a smokescreen of pedantry the reality is that the judiciary, hugely pro-EU as their CVs mostly demonstrate (otherwise the quangocrats would not have appointed them), are trying to stop Brexit. If they refrain from doing so in their judgement, which events have already rendered obsolete, it will only be because they will be deterred by the embarrassing transparency of such a ploy.

Either way, the British public is now as alienated from the judiciary as from the legislature. Patronising appeals to the ignorant public to defer to supposed “experts” fall on deaf ears. If Britain’s total emancipation from the doomed European Union is not proceeded with quickly, there will be very serious trouble. Nor is it any longer credible that the current established order can survive after the Brexit process.

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The imposition of a Government and policies upon its vassal regions such as the peoples of Greece shows just how far from being a democracy the EU is.There will be little or no change in Britain’s economic position, when we leave the EU and by then being a part of the Eropean Economic Area all will benefit, as we secure trade relations with the EU vassal regions and can trade and negotiate independently on a global stage.
One huge benefit will be that we can negotiate with bodies like the WTO, UN, WHO, IMF, CODEX and the like, directly in our own interest and that of our partners around the world in both the Commonwealth and the Anglosphere at large; rather than having negotiations and term imposed by unelected EU bureacrats.
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