#BreXit is about to become unstoppable: #Theresa_May is Uniting #Britain for good …

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as an opponent of Britain’s EU membership since about 1960, long before either Britain joined the EEC or Common Market or whatever aesopian name they have given the scam the self styled so called elite were engineering. back in the 1960s I called myself a EUroRealist, I never had any doubts of the fact that it was a dangerous and foolish concept.

Bismark and others may well have amalgamated the Tribes of the various states of Germany and the Victorians may well have worked to build a union of nations with the Commonwealth, but the EU has no meaningfull similarity – it is as dishonest to pretend it is as to pretend it is in some way similar to the USA.

Lets look at just how different the situation is:
Amalgamating the tribes to form the modern Germany was to take the natural course of amalgamating various nation states, based on Tutonic tribal backgrounds in common and though beset with different dialects they shared a common language, though to be fair Germany today still bears the scars and rivalries that existed between the various tribes, but largely Bismark welded them into one grouping.

France had done likewise but rather less conspicuously once they had had a full on Civil War and murdered numerous of the rivals preventing amalgamation in the late 1700s! Even though they had almost a century start on Germany there is still great rivalry as we all note with the clear rivalry and fractures between such as the Bretons and the Normans, the Carmargui and the Pyrenean region, the Basques and the Marselleise, the Loiree and Alsace and the almost universal hatred of the Parisian French – the true French with a couple of neighbours who drew their origins from the Germanic Franks.

To understand the problems look at the even longer history of allegiances presented by the Welsh, The English & the Scots there are still rivalries between the Mercians and the houses of York and Lancashire, consider the battles of our own civil war some 150 years before France.

Then of course the disimilarity dishonestly presented that a United States of EUrope is somehow similar to the creation of the United States of America where in fact there is absolutely zero similarity! To believe one could force together in stealth and dishonesty such disperate people as those of EUrope, North South East & West + Iberia, Scandinavia and Britain we have different lives, different backgrounds and a very different history we also have almost nothing in common whether culturally or in international links let alone dozens of different languages – just which idiot thought forcing together such disperate peoples with a view to ever closer political and economic union without it being a recipe for disaster!

America was an entirely different situation as people slowly arrived – mostly from Scandinavia, Britain, Continental EUrope and Ibertia, they filled this largely empty land driving out, crushing and killing the indigenous tribes who were almost without exception nomadic hunter gatherers without static homes or a clear understanding of the largely aggressive invasion. Let us not forget that it was only in the 1860s that America had its civil war a war that is largely passed off as nothing more than a disagreement over slavery, yet consider the fact that more Americans were killed in that war than in every other war America has participated in put together!

In fact there were around 1.5Million casualties with 620,000 killed in the line of duty which based on present population would be around 6Million deaths!

If it takes that many deaths and a further equivalent of 9Million to forge a Uniopn in a relatively empty land one has to ask oneself what kind of idiots and what was their motivation that they would take so obvious a risk of trying to force such different peoples together.

Little wonder that the self styled self appointed devotees of the concept like Edward Heath, Rippon and their like were only able to entrap Britain by misrepresentation and lies, orchestrating with cronise and by breakfast meetings with the media to set the scene on a daily basis – for details of the scam you will find the documentation at CLICK HERE and HERE

One need only consider the self serving duplicity of those currently seeking to ignore and overturn the very largest British vote in history, in the pretence that the people are too stupid to know their own mind, one even notes these scoundrels claiming the ignoprant and elderly voted for BreXit as they wheel out their own crew of geriatric failures and hasbeens like Blair, Hesseltine, Clarke, Kinnock and their ilk and the misguided and purely arrogant like the Chelsea Plumber and his puppet/protege Ms. Miller and the inappropriate interference of the Judges in the EU styled Supreme Court!

Theresa  May would seem most astutely to have realised that without unifying the people though she would be able to drive through BreXit she would find that those seeking to prop up flagging or failing ambitions such as Nicola Sturgeon and the implausible Tim Farron, who without this strife would slip into history and soon be forgotten such that they will willingly exploit the minority whilst in hubris seeking to deny our National democracy.

It is for this reason, whereby without silencing the self serving, Britain’s ability to negotiate from the natural position of strength would be endemically undermined, just as when the Bonnie Prince Charles was seeking to secure his future in the Court of Versaille with the likes of Nicola Sturgeon betraying the electorate to gain personal power at the expense of the negotiations and eventually the peoples of Scotland – therefore Theresa May has called an election in the belief that her rivals the enemies of BreXit and democracy will be routed and her negotiating position strengthened.

I believe and most certainly hope that Theresa May’s gamble is not sabotaged by accident or folly on the part of her team as to hear Tim Farron claiming to be the only solution is reassuring as to some extent he is right, or would be if he was of any credible ability or competence. That the scoundrels seeking to betray the majority and the principles of democracy where the majority holds a numerical majority far greater than that which has empowered many a British Government over the years!

We can but hope that sense prevails and Theresa May can unite the country behind the majority and the BreXit choice, thereby strenthening her hand in negotiation to obtain the very best deal for Britain in repatriating sovereignty, restoring borders, re-instating British justice, re-uniting our peoples and re-invigorating our industrial base.

Brexit is about to become unstoppable: Theresa May is killing off Remain for good

Prime Minister Theresa may
Prime Minister Theresa may Credit: Paul Grover /Paul Grover

Remain is dead. This new election will see the final death rattles of a corpse that has been twitching on the slab since last June. Around the country there are voters anxious to know whether their democratic right, and the decision they made last year to leave the EU, might be stolen from them by politics as usual.

There were fears that Brexit could be overturned in a shady backroom deal, or through the applications of sneaky lawyers. Voters ignored in countless elections could have been forgiven for wondering if the forces of bureaucracy would find a way to stop Britain freeing itself from the EU. Theresa May has ensured that this will not happen, and that the result will be honoured. This general election is the closest Remainers will ever get to a second referendum on 8 June, and they are going to be bitterly disappointed by the outcome.

The general election is a master stroke from a Prime Minister who is adopting a tone not of overconfidence but quiet resilience. The Conservatives look set to demolish Labour, giving the Prime Minister the freedom she needs to deliver Brexit. A vastly increased majority strengthens the PM’s hand, removes the threat of re-election at the crunch point of EU negotiations, and binds the deal for Brexiteers concerned that at some point in the next two years Remainers might just get their act together. As someone who voted Remain, it has been remarkable to see how poorly Remainers have organised themselves following the election. In the face of the inevitable, it is time for everyone to make peace with Brexit.


Jeremy Corbyn has taken the Labour Party for a reckless joyride that has shredded the tires and has the Left teetering on the brink of outright civil war at the beginning of the campaign. By mid-June, whoever is left in the party’s burnt-out husk will need to reassemble an opposition. By running now, May is cashing in on that situation, taking the easy gamble that by the time the election is over, much of Labour’s talent will have been shown the door. The diminished Labour rump won’t be in any position to stop Brexit on the Conservative Party’s terms, and will lack the energy and the focus to effectively call for a second referendum. For years to come, voters will remember the anti-aspiration policies that Labour runs with at this general election.

Meanwhile, though tarnished by tuition fees, coalition with the Conservatives, and a predeliction for bizarre scandals, the Liberal Democrats may gain some traction over Brexit in the coming weeks. But it can be nowhere near enough to put a dent in Brexiteers’ ambitions. Tim Farron’s charge of the lightweight brigade is hampered by political baggage, the prospect of Tony Blair coming out to back them, and Farron’s own problematic, coy answers to questions about his religious views.

So the illiberal Democrats won’t stop Brexit, however much they talk themselves up. They may steal a few dozen seats at most, but they won’t – as Vince Cable has admitted – become the power broker that they were in 2010. If this is their moment to shine, they will be a sparkler next to the Conservative firework display.


Many are already complaining that Theresa May is being light on detail, but she isn’t going to be pressed to reveal her Brexit negotiation hand by any politicians who are both competent and desire her to fail. The Labour party doesn’t have a plan, a budget, or a team to fight this general election.

Suicidally, they’ve started framing this as a fight between Corbyn and May. The Left can’t completely work out whether they’re in favour of this election, or if they preferred to criticise Theresa May for being “unelected.” The Liberal Democrats will enjoy gains too modest to change the national course.

A man holds a banner during a demonstration against Britain's decision to leave the European Union, in central London, Britain July 2, 2016
A man holds a banner during a demonstration against Britain’s decision to leave the European Union, in central London, Britain July 2, 2016 Credit: PAUL HACKETT 

Remainers who clung to the prospect of a change in the political winds haven’t built a ship to catch the breeze. Theresa May has surprised them while they were still hugging their tissue boxes, painting their faces blue and parading outside Downing Street. Retweeting AC Grayling isn’t going to stop Brexit. The next general election won’t be until the other side of our departure, and Theresa May’s Conservative Party will dominate the Commons.  

By calling a general election now, May isn’t just responding to events, but creating them. In this case, she’s sent a tsunami that will drown the hopes of Remainers on June 8.  

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