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#Farage Clearly Unhappy To Have His Selfish Corruption & Dishonesty Exposed By One Of His Tax Payer Funded Mistresses …

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the fact that Paul Cahalan had decided to serialise the details of Annabelle Fuller’s own rather dubious story of her long term selfish sexual exploitation by Nigel Farage who heartlessly took advantage of her mental illness and ensured the tax payers paid for both his marital and extra marital sexual exploitation of women using his authority and position to fund it was in fact clear in his first article, which clearly was full of holes relative to the story we know he had known for years, as had so many of us!

We had all tried to publicise Farage’s serial corruption on many levels in our own ways, however although it was widely known so also was Farage’s sociopathic willingness to lie & recourse to costly lawyers at party expense to defend his own dishonesty.

It was the level of widely known corruption that made Farage and his puppets so singularly unreliable as alies in the BreXit campaign ensuring that he would never have a position in the official BreXit campaign – clearly he lost easily as many votes for BreXit as he claims to have attracted.

Even now Farage’s close links and willingness to propagandise for and be paid by Russia are used as weapons, by dishonest remainers, to try to overturn BreXit. The main plank of their argument besides the belief he acted as a conduit for Russia, Assange & Trump’s team in America, being the amount of Russian interference in social media and the 100s if not 1,000s of pro BreXit messages that appear to have been seeded by Russia and their agents.

The argument goes that social media helped BreXit to get a majority, though this overlooks the other corrupt argument of Remainers that the majority of BreXit voters were the more mature (possibly more tuned values and experience), whilst the majority of Remain voters were the younger voters those who had been most heavily propagandised by social media and education both of which are targeted with huge amounts of tax payers’ money squandered by the EU for spin, publicity and propaganda.

The Remain propagandists rather shoot themselves in the foot with their own argument as the EU targets the young vvia social media as it is the younger generations that are the great users of social media – it is thus clear that Russia and the EU target the same market knowing the older voters are far less likely to be on social media and far less likely to be influenced.

Former mistress of Nigel Farage reveals she was one of THREE lovers to rush to his bedside after he escaped death in horror plane crash

  • His mistress of 10 years Annabelle Fuller says staff battled to hide his infidelity 
  • She says after the crash aides were sent to keep her out of sight of his wife
  • French waitress Laure Ferrari was another of the women vying for his attention 

Pulled from the tangled wreckage of a plane crash in a remote Northamptonshire field, his face swollen and bloody, his spine chipped and ribs broken, things could hardly have been worse for Nigel Farage.

It would later emerge that the then leader of Ukip had escaped death by a matter of inches. 

Thanks to a now notorious publicity stunt on polling day of the 2010 General Election, Farage crashed to earth suspended upside down in the shattered cockpit, his head almost scraping the ground.

If that was a miraculous escape, however, Mr Farage’s problems were by no means over.

Because as The Mail on Sunday can today reveal, he would shortly face the arrival of not one but three determined women, all clamouring for his affections and a place by his hospital bedside.

After Nigel Farage's horror plane crash in a field in Northamptonshire in 2010, there was not just one but three women rushing to his aid, explains one of them Annabelle Fuller (pictured)

After Nigel Farage’s horror plane crash in a field in Northamptonshire in 2010, there was not just one but three women rushing to his aid, explains one of them Annabelle Fuller (pictured)


One of them – as she explains today – was Farage’s long-term lover and former political aide Annabelle Fuller, who last week sensationally disclosed she had spent more than a decade as his mistress, before parting company with Ukip amid mental health problems and suicide attempts.

Accusing him of brazen hypocrisy, not just for lying but for breaking his marriage vows despite the party’s strong family values stance, she claimed Farage had instructed her to remain silent about their sexual relationship for the sake of protecting the Ukip cause and Brexit.

Despite her long relationship with a man she came to regard as her mentor, Ms Fuller was by no means the only woman romantically linked to 53-year-old Farage.

Ms Fuller, 36,  said that after Farage was taken to hospital, aides were dispatched to ensure he did not come into contact with his German-born wife Kirsten (pictured), or French former waitress Laure Ferrari 


Ms Fuller, 36,  said that after Farage was taken to hospital, aides were dispatched to ensure he did not come into contact with his German-born wife Kirsten (pictured), or French former waitress Laure Ferrari 

And, as she explains, party workers and officials were all-too-well aware of the fact as they battled to ensure that his illicit encounters did not come to light.

Today, describing the true extent of Farage’s tangled emotional life, Ms Fuller, 36, describes how Farage’s well-briefed aides were even dispatched to the entrance doors of the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford, where he was recovering after the light aircraft crash, to ensure she did not come into contact with his German-born wife Kirsten, or French former waitress Laure Ferrari, another woman close to him who has since become his partner.

Not that such rivalries were on Ms Fuller’s mind when, in May 2010, she received a disturbing phone call.

‘Even though our affair was waning, we were still close and I wanted to see him elected,’ she said. 

‘A friend rang to tell me about the crash, followed immediately by a party official who said that I should make my way to the hospital as no one else was there.

‘I was shaking with worry by the time I got there. I didn’t even make it inside before a woman who said she was his local aide barred my way.

‘We had never met but she must have been waiting at the entrance because she suddenly rushed out and said: ‘You can’t be here – Kirsten is here. You’ve got to go.’

Pictured is Farage's mistress French waitress Laure Ferrari near her £4million London home

Pictured is Farage’s mistress French waitress Laure Ferrari near her £4million London home


‘I was taken aback and told her I wanted to see him; to check he was okay for myself. 

‘I was clearly very upset but she was a big lady and stood her ground.

‘I’m not a confrontational person and there were several TV cameras present, so I didn’t want to make a fuss. I turned around and went home.’ 

Farage, she says, later called her from hospital and apologised for how she had been treated.

‘I told him I wanted to come and see him and hold his hand but he said it was awkward. I just assumed Kirsten had ordered my ban.’

Some weeks later, Ms Fuller discovered it was rather more complicated and that she had in fact been prevented from entering because Ms Ferrari was inside, crying uncontrollably.

It would later emerge that Farage and Ms Ferrari had met some years previously in a bar in Strasbourg where she was working as a waitress. 

She had subsequently found a job in the European Parliament. Now, it appeared, their relationship was more intense.

‘She must have been already nearby to have arrived at the hospital first,’ says Ms Fuller.

‘I’m told that Ukip members were trying to calm her down and move her out before Kirsten got there. They definitely didn’t want me to meet Laure either.’

Nigel Farage emerges from the tangled wreckage of a plane crash in a remote Northamptonshire field, his face swollen and bloody, his spine chipped and ribs broken

Nigel Farage emerges from the tangled wreckage of a plane crash in a remote Northamptonshire field, his face swollen and bloody, his spine chipped and ribs broken


Despite the subterfuge, Ms Fuller maintains Mrs Farage had known about and tolerated her affair with her husband for years. 

At one stage, she says, there was something of a truce in their understandably embattled relationship. 

Kirsten even took Ms Fuller into her confidence, explaining she had considered moving to Germany with the couple’s two daughters.

The peace did not last. Amid the euphoria of Ukip’s historic gains in the 2014 European elections, where it won more seats than Labour or the Tories, Kirsten humiliated Ms Fuller by having her ejected from Ukip’s celebration party.

In the months that followed, Ms Fuller’s fragile mental health deteriorated, she attempted to commit suicide and she finally decided to leave Ukip.

In September of that year, Kirsten sent a series of damaging text messages to a senior Ukip official – texts, referring to Ms Fuller ‘as a nutter’. 

In one, she jokes in response to claims that Ms Fuller plans to write a ‘reveal-all’ book that Ms Fuller knows too much and needs to be ‘killed’.

Farage's former mistress Annabelle Fuller sensationally revealed last week they were together for 10 years 

Farage’s former mistress Annabelle Fuller sensationally revealed last week they were together for 10 years 

The Ukip official, obviously shocked, responded by warning her not to put things in writing. There was, Ms Fuller insists, no plans to write a book about the affair.

But the strain on the Farages’ 18-year marriage had taken its toll and, earlier this year, the couple announced their split.

The news came amid reports that Ms Ferrari had moved into the politician’s £4 million Georgian home in West London. 

Farage later confirmed the relationship. Ms Ferrari is believed to have accompanied him to President Trump’s inauguration in Washington in January.

Today, Ms Fuller feels used and humiliated, saying that, having devoted herself to Farage and Ukip, she has been left with nothing. 

But then, she says, she is not the only woman in politics, whether in Westminster or Brussels, who feels the dice are loaded against them.

She is also by no means the first to be drawn into a shady sexual relationship with an older, charismatic man. 

‘Whether it is in Westminster or the EU, you have a cause you believe in, a goal to achieve and live off the adrenaline of the roller-coaster ride,’ she says.

‘There is nothing much to do in either Brussels or Strasbourg except eat, drink and fornicate,’ she says. 

‘You have got to be very, very ugly, impotent or have some kind of nasty affliction not to have an affair.’

Farage is pictured on the campaign trail for the General Election in 2015 when he ran to be Thanet South's MP for Ukip 

Farage is pictured on the campaign trail for the General Election in 2015 when he ran to be Thanet South’s MP for Ukip 


Her relationship with the former Ukip leader flourished in this environment because everyone – even those without the conventional good looks and healthy bank balances – was doing the same, she said.

‘What MEPs do have is a killer pension, expense accounts and a budget to hire staff. 

Add the heady perfume of political power, chauffeured cars, plush hotels and business class air fares on foreign trips and they become like gods.’ 

She claims, in fact, that European politics is a hotbed of taxpayer-funded impropriety. 

Although her relationship with Farage was consensual, she feels that the conditions are ripe for harassment, with women feared being labelled ‘troublemakers’ if they complain.

Ms Fuller first moved to Brussels in 2004, aged 23, with a long-term boyfriend whom other women would openly flirt with.

Many women sought career opportunities or a well-connected husband. But the men, she concluded, just wanted sex.

‘The casting couch still exists in politics. After work, there were always drinks receptions and parties with bad, warm white wine, and very little food, where older men and young women ended up flirting or in compromised positions,’ she says.

‘Sexual harassment was a natural by-product. It was endemic. Politicians and their male staffers prowled, groped, stalked and harassed with impunity. 

They treated women like meat.’ One young secretary, who had been groped by a male MEP, was too afraid to make a complaint, fearing she would be labelled a troublemaker. 

‘The men behaving badly do so because they know they will get away with it.

‘It was common knowledge who were the gropers and who were the serial sh*****s, but in the past, those who complained were accused of lying and frozen out.

‘I am not surprised by the sexual harassment complaints coming out of the UK Parliament, just that there have not been more.’

Ms Fuller knows that, without her help, Mr Farage would never have earned his place in history today as a major political player.

‘I created brand Nigel, man of the people,’ she insists. ‘He relied on me, but I feel he kicked me to the kerb when I became a problem.

‘Being a mistress was the worst decision I ever made. It belittled me. It dehumanised me.

‘Teflon Nigel just earned a reputation for being a ladies man – nudge, nudge, wink, wink.’ 

To view the original of this article CLICK HERE

Here is a Tweet I posted some time before I read Nikki Sinclaire’s article in The Sun:

I don’t believe or have the guts or integrity to apologise to any of the people they have lied to or lied about – I guess we can dream on, they will never emerge from the gutter they are used to even for money from the press betrayal is their style

It is also well worth considering if Nigel Farage has made adequate compensation and a sufficiently public apology to Annabelle Fuller for having exploited his position of power and access to public money to fund her so that he could excercise his sexual domination of this weak minded and deeply disturbed young woman, who clearly seems to suffer from a mental illness which has been apparent to all but the deliberately blind and heartless ever since she first joined Ukip.

Fuller’s mental illness is almost deffinitely a Bi-Polar Disorder made all the more clear by her self harming and frequent cries for help and attention in her many half baked attempts at suicide, who, wishing to commit suicide, would act so publicly in proximity to excellent medical facilities as to seek attention in public toilets in the EU’s premises? Nor would anyone wishing to commit suicide rather than gain attention bodge cutting the arteries in the wrist!

Again I would draw your attention to Farage’s callous indifference that he failed to intercede to obtain sound medical help for this sad figure he used and exploited – one wonders if the only medical attention he would have sought would be to pay for her to have an abortion, or more to the point find a way for her to have an abortion at the tax payers’ expense to save himself from the inconvenience and expense of more children!

Allbeit he did of course pay £1/4 a Million into his off shore tax dodge account on the Isle of Man in the name of ‘Farage Educational Trust’. Just as it would seem he has sought, I hear, to put his assetts/properies overseas into an account in the name ‘Thorn In the side Ltd’ I would assume to not just dodge taxation but to put it beyond the reach of his other exploited tax payer funded staff member Kirsten!

However I do appreciate this is very much hear say and although in character it may well be a detail too far! We must of course be well aware that Farage is not just a proven liar and hypocite but also clearly corrupt so it is unreasonable to expect any denials he may Trump up to be true – he has lied time and time again for 13 years and attacked and villified many of us for telling the truth about him in the past, even going so far as to collude with and condone others seeking to bankrupt and destroy those who sought to expose the truth!

One wonders what Farage plans to do having heard Theresa May’s speech at The Mansion House last night in which she clearly stated Farage and his cronies were involved in the BreXit vote and Russian efforts to interfere with input of cyber expertise, social media and money and despite the 7 meetings the NSA/FBI has had with British authorities, 5 of which degenerated into shouting matches, one wonders when they will force the issue to have arrests and extraditions from Britain of the criminals who colluded with and accepted Russian money, acting also as a conduit for not only Russian money but also influence, cyber expertise, Julian Assange and stolen eMails to interfere with the rigged American elections!

Fortunately Russian attempts to influence the BreXit vote were of no effect as they chose to to support the largely irrelevant Arron Banks and thus his goffer Nigel Farage – neither of whom had much credibility amongst the electorate and you will note for all the £Millions claimed to have been spent by Leave.EU just how few followers they have and for every vote they may have garnered for BreXit I regret they probably lost 2!

All too often Farage & Banks came up in conversation amongst the true BreXit supporters concerned that thgeir interference was likely to ‘cost us BreXit’ – the real damage done by Russian interference was via Julian Assange & such efforts Farage & Banks made in interfereing in the American election that has so undermined the office of POTUS and will explainm the work done by US intel exposing them in the media, which in itself has harmed BreXit.

It is my belief that had Britain been spared the interference of Russian, Banks and Farage and some of the racists and clowns surrounding them the vote for BreXit would have be far far larger.

It is of course ironic that although Banks & Farage had no official role in the BreXit vote they have specialised in self publicity to desperately promote themselves as being in some way instrumental in the outcome – indeed I guess they were instrumental as they did everything within their power to try to prevent the Petition Nikki Sinclaire founded, organised and delivered which led to the debate in the House of Commons & the promise of a Referendum.

It was clearly Nikki Sinclaire and the cross party team she built that delivered the Referendum despite Farage and his claque and the Official Leave Campaign half baked and misinformed as it was were instrumental in the BreXit win.

The greatest irony of all regarding Farage, in this issue, is his bleating about interference in British democracy by the EU and to then listen to him bleating about the interference of George Soros in world affairs, particularly those of the EU! Meanwhile Farage & Banks are posing, posturing and seeking to influence American politics – he is like some commedy character in an African political bedroom farce!

Fortunately no one of any integrity can claim that Russian influence and money or Farage had a significant influence on the BreXit vote. However it is very clear that Banking influences and self interest and Government from all parties with the aid of Civil Servants and a great deal of tax payers’ money together with EU figures and yet more tax payers’ money did a great deal to corrupt the outcome of the vote, propping up the Remain campaign and yet the electorate clearly saw through such attempts to corrupt the outcome all be it the corruption of the vote by Government and the damage done by Farage and his perceived extremism did clearly reduce the Leave vote.

To view the previous revelations from last week CLICK HERE

so finally Nigel Farage is more than somewhat ‘Benighted’ the Teflon coating that has protected Nigel Farage is reaching its end of life and his exploitation of the mental illness of a vulnerable member of his staff Annabelle Fuller has delivered his comeuppance. Few if any of those involved with Ukip were unaware of what soiled and damaged goods the sad little figure was.

Whether it was her complaining to Piers Merchant how the stapler under her on the desk during one of her interludes with Farage had bruised her and pulling her skirt up to show him the intimately placed bruise, or describing a Regional chairman or some such as nothing more than ‘a w**k stain’ on Anthony Butcher’s scurrilous Ukip controlled public Forum.

To round it off, as I was well established at the time as an accurate and honest commentator on matters pertaining to Ukip including her vile behaviour with clear intimations regarding her various positions with Nigel Farage paid for on the Ukip pay roll – she displayed her true character on another public forum by announcing she hoped the cancer I was known to be fighting would kill me soon.

She really is a wretch specimen of humanity without scruples, ethics, integrity or morals. A skim read of her relationship with Farage, for who would want the details, shows the pair of them in their true light.

One has to feel sorry for any decent individual whose path has crossed this toxic inadequate’s path, though it is hard to drum up any sympathy for Annabelle Fuller whatever aliases she uses for her hedonistic self promotion and attention seeking.

For attention seeking that she claimed Nikki Sinclaire was in some way responsible for ruining her life and try to blame her for her own self harming as a way to get attention was more than a bit rich minded that Nikki Sinclaire had merely exposed the well known fact that Nigel Farage was in a long term relationship with his mistress at the tax payers expense whilst funding ‘payoff’ to his wife of some £30,000 a year from the same source.

Then again one notes Fuller’s on off relationship with Jasna Badzak at one time using her as both a confidante and an advisor and in the next breath seeking to blacken her name.

Likewise the foolish behaviour of The Tory MP Andrew Bridged who she claimed had sexually assaulted her when it became clear she had fled his flat having stolen his House of Commons Pass, Parliamentary correspondence and his Blackberry bearing numerous confidential phone details of very senior individuals + messages! She was aprehended by the concierge of the block of flats when she had fallen and bruised her head, noticeably drunk and allegedly without shoes – the assault claims were seemingly dreamed up in her attention seeking mind whilst waiting for the police to arrive – claims that vanished with the light of day (truth) – sadly having dishonestly befouled his reputation in a situation which contributed to his wife’s accrimonious parting of their ways and difficulties over access to his children.

Then of course there was her tissue of lies regarding the story she conspired to publish belittling John West in the media with an utterly implausible cock and bull story about having her laptop stolen having left it in a taxi – yet she filed the story whilst in Morrocco whilst on holiday! To read more of this story CLICK HERE

Then of course there was her corruption of the leadership election to get her paymaster back into power to ensure her income stream, when on tax payers money she was being paid to se4rrvice Farage’s non domestic needs she travelled to various hustings with Farage and ‘worked’ the ladies toilets to badmouth and defame the other candidates claiming for instance that Richard Suchorzevski was a BNP supporter, a bankrupt and homoosexual – a more than somewhat fancifull pack of lies when you consider he was self financed, took a year off work to strengthen Ukip in Wales including firing that useless article Jim Carver and touring Britain to campaign in the leadership election with John Bufton as his campaign manager, meanwhile he was in a relationship with a nursing sister at a leading London hospital and she was West Indian – BNP, homosexual and bankrupt! I think not, but it was the sort of lies that Fuller was prone to peddling – just as were Mark Croucher, David Bannerman, Mick McGough, Denny, and so many of the liars and low lifes at the top of Ukip!

I do believe that for justice to be seen to be done we shall have to relly on Suchorzewski, Sinclaire, West, Bridgen or the like to take legal action against Annabelle Fuller and Farage not only for their defamation but perhaps the EU will see fit to take back the tax payers’ money that Nigel Farage perloined to pay his wife and various mistresses – surely the tax payer can not be expected to pay for the MEPs’ to have sex on the public purse nor provide offices in which to excercise their sexual pecadilloes.

Little wonder the public at large voted for BreXit in disgust at the profligacy & louche behaviour of the EU & its staff be they Commissioners, MEPs, Unelected bloated bureacrats or the parasites who act as riders on the Gravy Train providing sexual favours!

But now clearly the worm has turned, whether merely for money or in spite at being passed over by Farage’s current mistress Ms. Farrari enjoying the perks of her efforts over the last few years now Farage has parted company with his wife and has the £5M property in Chelsea and travel in and out of NSA, CIA, FBI juristiction until they feel there is no more information they can glean by following him in the company of bigger and more valuable fish, then he will no longer be of use as bait but will be thrown to the wolves in his own right!

Farage may well find that ‘Thorn In The Side’ is not as Limited as he may think, when it comes to protection!

To view Paul Cahalan’s original article where Annabelle Fuller confirms Farage’s heartless sexual exploitation of her mental illness & the tax payers CLICK HERE


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Do note that many senior apparatchicks and even elected politicians speak openly of the ‘Post Democratic era’ with no sense of shame or irony and in complete contempt of the so called electorate – yet The EU & many of its vassal States/Regions are all too willing to slaughter people in Sovereign States, to impose The EU’s chosen brand of democracy on them!Now as President Junker announced in his ‘State of the union’ speech 2017 the aim is to create an EU military force and centralise ever more of the decision making and control!

The imposition of a Government and policies upon its vassal regions such as the peoples of Greece shows just how far from being a democracy the EU is.

There will be little or no change in Britain’s economic position, when we leave the EU, using a better negotiated, customised & updated version of the ‘Norway Model’ as a stepping stone to becoming a full member of the Eropean Economic Area, where all will benefit, as we secure trade relations with the EU’s vassal regions, with an EFTA style status and can trade and negotiate independently on the global stage, as members of The Commonwealth and the Anglosphere.

Do not overlook the fact that politicians have plotted and schemmed since the 1950s and we have actually been vassals of the EU, when it was still using the aesopian linguistics and calling itself The Common Market in the early 1970s, a name the bureaucrats arbitrarily changed to EUropean Union in the early 1990s as they worked towards their long term goals of an ever closer centrally controlled Political and economic Union with its own anthem, currency, flag and rigid central control by its self appointed bureacrats towards a new Empirate –

It will take many years to rectify the mess our political class got us into and we have no other peacefull means by which to extricate ourselves than to depend on that self same self styled elite, who all too often forget they work for us!

One huge benefit of BreXit will be that we can negotiate with bodies like the WTO, UN, WHO, IMF, CODEX and the like, directly, in our own interest and that of our partners around the world, in both the Commonwealth and the Anglosphere at large; rather than having negotiations and terms imposed by unelected EU bureacrats and their interpretation of the rules handed down, as if they were some great achievement of the EU’s!
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