The Economic Future Of Britain IF We Don’t Leave-The-EU

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Greg Lance – Watkins




although I have always claimed that the primary aim for Britain to Leave-The-EU is NOT economic, as it is likely that in both the short term and the mid term the economic benefits when we Leave-The-EU are likely to be fairly neutral. There will be no great gain in monies saved by not contributing to the EU, as we will need to invest at least the same amount in restructuring our Governance, our services and our industries. We will also have to make huge investments in recruiting and retraining our own Civil Servants to act in our own interest, where that role has largely been done by EU apparatchicks acting for the EU, so do not count on huge sums of cash becoming available to fund defunct and non competitive industries or prop up the over management & vote buying in the NHS or vanity projects like HS2.

The primary reasons we should Leave-The-EU are Political; to reinstate our sovereignty, restore our democracy, repatriate our borders and redeem our position negotiating for ourselves on the world stage, not via third party un-elected bureaucrats in Brussels, whose interests and aims are unlikely to be in Britain’s best interests or those of our peoples, the Commonwealth or the Anglosphere.

That said it would be irresponsible to not consider the economics of when we Leave-The-EU. To that end I hope you find this video of some help in your decision making:

Whether we Leave-The-EU in this up-coming referendum or at some subsequent stage is, as you can see from the graphs and figures provided, fairly important as the later we leave the decision to Leave-The-EU the more divergent will be our trade with the EU and progressively as our paths diverge and Britain gains in global strenths relative to the declining EU the more difficult it will become to Leave-The-EU and the more it will have cost Britain as our defecit with the EU grows.


Posted by: Greg Lance-Watkins
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