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#German Politics Is In More Of A Muddle Than It Might Seem …

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Greg Lance – Watkins

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AfD leader Frauke Petry, on the day after the German general elections | John MacDougall/AFP via Getty Images

Frauke Petry won’t join AfD in German parliament

Co-chair of far-right party drops ‘bombshell’ at press conference.



The Alternative for Germany’s co-chair Frauke Petry announced Monday that she will not be joining her party colleagues in the Bundestag after the far-right AfD won around 13 percent of the vote in the German election on Sunday.

Petry appeared to take fellow party officials by surprise by announcing at a news conference that, “after long deliberation,” she will not be joining the new party group. She then walked out of the press conference, leaving her colleagues baffled.

According to German press agency dpa, party co-chair Jörg Meuthen said he “had had no knowledge” beforehand of Petry’s decision, which he called “a bombshell.”

Petry was directly elected to a seat in Saxony on Sunday, where she was responsible for the AfD’s strong showing, winning the largest share of votes.

Petry did not run as the party’s lead candidate in the campaign to Sunday’s election due to alleged differences over the party’s direction. Party apparatchiks dismissed Petry’s proposal for the party to adopt a “Realpolitik strategy” at a party conference in April, and chose former Goldman Sachs executive Alice Weidel and former conservative Alexander Gauland as the lead candidates instead.

COMMENTS (so far):

From Warsaw with love

Hahaha these clowns are imploding even before they entered big politics

Posted on 9/25/17 | 10:42 AM CEST

Capt Europe

these far right parties that do not share our progressive values are not just a threat to others but a threat to themselves as well and thats why they need to put in protective custody

Posted on 9/25/17 | 10:48 AM CEST


ahaha wonderful! How can you not be progressive in the age of globalisation and internet?
The clowns are already falling apart!

Posted on 9/25/17 | 11:04 AM CEST


is this person far right or relatively moderate?

In other words, without her which direction will the AFD head?

Mind you, this isn’t as much of a bombshell as when Merkel invited in millions of refugees without consulting anyone.

Posted on 9/25/17 | 11:54 AM CEST

Greg L-W


perhaps some commentators, as they crow in glee at this setback for the AfD, have overlooked the clear fact that when it comes to ‘falling apart’ Frau Merkel’s failure to gain a majority is in fact the most striking example of ‘falling apart’!

That Merkel’s reduced vote and her dictatorial style and her actions were the very catalyst that has introduced the AfD with an estimated 90 seats!

The lack of individuals of stature and vision for Germany, seeking seats, would seem to indicate the general malaise in EUropean Politics, now that countries have foresworn real democracy, in favour of subjugation to a supranational centralised body of un-elected bureacrats and political fat cats & parasites.


Posted on 9/25/17 | 12:03 PM CEST



you said

‘The lack of individuals of stature and vision for Germany seeking seats, would seem to indicate the general malaise in EUropean Politics now that countries have foresworn real democracy in favour of subjugation to a supranational centralised body of un-elected bureacrats and political fat cats & parasites.’

I had been wondering why the current crop (last 15 years?) of British and EU politicians are so bad, but you have provided the answer. They have been emasculated by the need for compromise and collaboration. Few have a vision. Let alone talent or charisma.

Posted on 9/25/17 | 12:15 PM CEST


@ Greg L-W

European parties, in countries with PR electoral systems, almost never get over 50% of the vote (a majority). That’s why they always enter coalition governments. This is also the case for Merkel’s CDU in this election, in the last election, and in the one before that!

The only question is, who she’ll govern with this time. It looks likely to be FDP and the Greens.

@ Tony

You asked about Frauke Petry. She’s more moderate, that many of the extremists (including nationalists and neo-nazis) who’ve recently taken over the party leadership.

She’ll enter the German parliament as an independent. This is her revenge, for being sidelined by the new leaders of the party. Let the games begin.

Posted on 9/25/17 | 1:01 PM CEST

Greg Lance – Watkins


sadly it is not just the UK that has sucumbed to this political malaise but it would seem to be every state/nation that has sucumbed to the apparackicks of the ‘Supra National’ bureacracy of the malign EU experiment.

Let us not forget it was Monet, a founding father of this commune(ist) style creep of a centralised structure who advocated its advance by stealth.

Many aspects of the odious advance of emasculation of the electorate & the progress in ensuring that by removing direct democratic control from the people the centralised control has been advanced, was to make a pretence of voting.

MEPs are indeed elected but they are elected in conflicting ‘sets’ representing around 1M individuals each constituency with +- 6 MEPs per constituency and then obscenely overfunded with tax payers’ money to act as salesmen & women for the entire scam that perpetuated their own income and with little relevance to much else.

As for democracy do consider Britain represents about 16% of EU GDP, is a huge nett contributor, has around 13% of EU population yet has just under 8% input & such influence as there is (with each MEP voting in conflicting directions emasculating eachother!) and has roughly 3% of the EU offices – this is risibly claimed to be democracy by the EU itself & masked by a pretence of SHARED (pooled) Sovereignty!

The entire scam is advanced by stealth, slight of hand and under various cloaks of ‘beneficial crisis’.

Glance around you and start to tot up just howmuch tax payers’ money is used to fund and subsidise large areas of the meeeja to promote the propaganda, with free provision of studios funded jollies to Florence and the like, soft loans and subsidies and availability of pro EU interviewees to friendly journalists – need I go on? Looking at the facts you start to comprehend just how insidious this evil is.

Is it any wonder that these increasingly irrelevant politicians are increasingly of low calibre and a mewlling gaggle of weak and indecissive scoundrells led like sheep to the slaughter by seried ranks of highly rewarded ‘Judas Goats’.

Little wonder the well rewarded leadership of Remain are squealing like stuck pigs at the prospect of the electorate excercising a democratic right to BreXit. The self appointed bureacratic leadership have been scrabbling for some time to create their ‘Post Democratic’ scam!


Posted on 9/25/17 | 1:07 PM CEST


@Tony, Petry is an impressive (& ambitious) politician. I am saddened (though not hugely surprised) to hear her decision. I suspect it is down to at least a couple of reasons – payback to Gauland & others in the AfD for opposing her (admittedly poorly timed if not also ill-advised) putsch to seize control (backed, amongst others, by her partner Pretzell – which kinda complicated things) at the AfD’s party conference this spring, & secondly because she is probably aiming “higher” (her views, outlook & ambition are better suited to a party ultimately seeking to participate in government). Who she hopes to achieve this with I have no idea (don’t live in Germany & only follow things there from a distance), interested in others’ thoughts.

A third possibility might be she is looking to turn down the volume slightly on her political commitments (she’s just had her 5th child) whilst looking to join/lead a new political formation. Too early to call & Germany tends, as we know, towards stable formations in all walks of life, but the AfD’s entry into the Bundestag might yet shake up the German political scenery in unpredictable ways.

I would rather have had Petry in the AfD adding her more “acceptable” face to the (perfectly comprehensible & jeeez unless you’re in la-la land surely one day inevitable) backlash against Merkel’s hugely damaging & anti-democratic (to both Germans & Europeans) decision on the immigrants in 2015. Could she yet make peace with the AfD & return to their fold further down the line?

One aspect btw not sufficiently mentioned wrt the AfD is that it started as an anti-Euro party. For me, a half-Brit who has worked & lived for 20 years across Europe (voted Remain but since become a strong Brexiteer), the still huge elephant in the room that no-one seems to talk about (not even us Brexiteers) is the need for GERMANY TO LEAVE THE EURO. The Euro was a (well-intended but ill-advised) tool that basically landed in Germany’s lap (thanks to the French) & quickly became a big club to bash weaker Eurozone nations with (back-firing, ironically, also on France). It is slowly seeping (I’d say PILLAGING) the life-blood (wealth, jobs, & any hope of future economic prospects) from peripheral nations, & will ultimately either break up or lead to much more serious problems (even blood-shed).

The reason why GERMANY HAS TO LEAVE THE EURO is that this is (in the opinion of any serious economists) the only realistic way it can be broken up in an orderly fashion. If you’re not aware of it read Capital Economics (Roger Bootle’s outfit) Wolfson Economics Prize 2012 paper on the subject. For anyone hoping Europe will be a continent that can ultimately prosper & live in peace Germany has to leave the Euro, & for anyone that knows anything about the Germans (or human nature tout court) it should be blindingly obvious that this will not happen without external pressure (& much more media attention) from outside Germany.

Could the AfD help lobby for this from inside Germany? I really don’t know, & would be inclined to believe it can’t/won’t (unless it counts amongst its leaders some political heavy-weights that are not only fully committed to the issue but also credible/acceptable to the wider German electorate). Another reason why Europe-loving (funny how some Europhiles here consider us Brexiteers Europe haters, we’re not, it’s just we’ve understood the project better) folk, serious economists, the media, & the electorates in southern Europe have to start seriously pushing this agenda. No longer in a “us French/Italians/Spanish should we vote for parties that are Euro-sceptic/anti-Euro or not?” etc but in a single rallying call “GERMANY, PLEASE LEAVE THE EURO”.

I have digressed. Please take this as a small way of saying thanks Tony (& Bluebell/Wow/Steuerkslave & many others) for the superb many contributions trying to explain to our European friends & brothers why we think what we do, & that we’re not really their enemies.

Posted on 9/25/17 | 2:29 PM CEST



“She’ll enter the German parliament as an independent.”

Hi Katrin (guessing you might be German? in which case your insight most appreciated), yes just seen this news reported.

Interested in your thoughts as to how you see Petry’s political future & who she might align with in future (& how).

What do you think Pretzell will do, & more widely what might be the impact on AfD of Petry’s departure? Could their Bundestag group split with say a 2nd formation carved out of the AfD under a new name ? (sorry not au fait with German parliamentary rules & regs)

Interesting times for German politics..


Posted on 9/25/17 | 2:41 PM CEST

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